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Madison Decor Guide

Madison Decor Guide

Hey, Friends!

Y'all are always asking for tips on decorating your home... so here they are! We've created a quick guide - our Madison Decor Guide - to create a beautiful, cohesive home that truly speaks to your unique style! Read Below

Start with a Focal Point 
Begin by selecting a main piece that you absolutely love. This could be a statement furniture item, artwork, or a distinctive decor piece such as a floral arrangement. Let this serve as the anchor for your design.

Establish a Color Scheme 
Choose a cohesive color scheme that reflects the mood and atmosphere you want to create. Use your focal item to help choose your colors!

Curate Thoughtfully
Avoid clutter by adding smaller items intentionally. Select items that hold personal significance or bring JOY. Avoid random additions and focus on creating a curated collection that complements your overall design.

Quality Over Quantity
Invest in quality decor pieces, especially when it comes to greenery. Quality faux greenery can elevate the entire look of your space, making it appear more sophisticated and avoiding a cheap appearance. Great for filling empty spaces. Consider plants of varying heights to add dimension.

Utilize Vertical Space
Don't limit your decor to horizontal surfaces. Decorate vertically by incorporating wall art or shelves. This adds depth and visual interest to the room.

Intentional Placement 
Be mindful of where you place each item. Ensure that they contribute to the overall flow of the room and enhance the functionality of the space. Avoid overcrowding and maintain balance.

Seasonal Versatility
Opt for an everyday decor design with a few interchangeable items. This allows you to easily update your space with seasonal elements without a major overhaul. Consider reversible pillow covers, versatile vases, or interchangeable artwork.

We hope our Madison Decor Guide has inspired you to transform your home into a space that truly reflects your unique style. By focusing on key elements like a striking focal point, a cohesive color scheme, and quality base pieces, you can create a home that feels both intentional & personal.

Happy Decorating!
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