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Madison Decor | About Us

Our Story

In 2008, Lori Powers was on a mission to redecorate her home in Greenville, SC. She became frustrated with the lack of options in big box stores and felt intimidated by smaller decor stores. So, she took matters into her own hands. Lori set out to create a welcoming home goods store with unique decor and reasonable pricing.

In 2013, Kaylyn joined Madison & Co. and changed the business forever. Lori bought coffee from Kaylyn daily for five years and knew how special she was. When Kaylyn had her first baby, Lori recognized it was the perfect time to get her into the business. Since joining the company, Kaylyn has blossomed into an amazing artist and designer, a reliable source of support, and someone who makes everyone she meets feel special.

Today, the home goods store has not only found success in the industry but has also cultivated a devoted community of people who are just as passionate about decor as we are. 

While shopping on our website, we hope you can appreciate how much love we put into our products and find everything you need to create spaces you love!

Madison Decor | XOXO